The project Data-LTER-Mountain (NextData)

The project Data-LTER-Mountain will develop a distributed systems of archives and access services to data and metadata collected in Italian Long Term Ecological Research (LTER) sites located in mountain ecosystems. Archives and services will be developed starting from the experience of EnvEurope project and will be harmonised to national and international approaches, in connection to NextData tools.

Sites are from high elevation grasslands and nival ecosystems, mountain forests, mountain lakes, from Apennines and Alps. All sites are included in the LTER-Italy network.

The project will: i) contribute to the definitions of standards and models for biological and ecological data and metadata in mountain sites; ii) provide mountain LTER sites of their own data and metadata systems, according to defined standards and models; iii) entry metadata and data in the system, using already available data and data collected in new campaigns; iv) act to make available services for the larger LTER communities at national and international level.

EnvixLab is the coordinator of LTER Site “High-Elevation Apennines”; organisation, provision and collection of data on high elevation sites in the Apennines, (supported from and in cooperation with grant-holders at CNR-IBAF and CNR-IREA), specific expertise on plant diversity data, dendroecological analysis, wood anatomy and land-cover changes. Scientific Supervision Prof. Angela Stanisci

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